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And if what you do is a mistake - admit that it is a mistake, and draw conclusions for yourself. After all, these are people of your circle, whose opinion is not indifferent to you. And, having drawn conclusions, change yourself for the better, because, as the same Confucius said, “only the highest wisdom and the greatest stupidity never change”.

And if you were right - people of your circle will have something to think about. And even if they do not think, it’s okay, because in this world nothing matters except death.

“He who speaks a lot often fails ... He who knows does not speak. He who speaks does not know. ”

Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

1) Do not regret your mistakes. What is done is done. Be proud of your defeats as well as your victories. After all, your mistakes are your experience, which also has to be paid for. You can hear the truth a hundred times, agree with it - and still do it your own way. And only Truth, realized through its own mistake, becomes Truth with a capital letter, which you will follow in the future.

2) “Someone asked:

“What if you pay for evil with good?”

The teacher replied:

- But why pay for the good? Pay for evil with justice, and pay for good with good. ”

Confucius, Lunyu

"Justice is what people consider right ... Punishment of villains and revenge are decisions of justice."

"Three strategies of Huang Shi-gong", I century BC e.

"Inaction at the moment when you can do justice, means cowardice."

Confucius, Lunyu

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3) If you don’t have something, then you don’t need it. If you need something, just get it.

Now a legitimate question arises - how? How to make sure that all (or almost all) of the above is not just a set of beautiful phrases, but a guide to action in the vast majority of difficult life situations?

Here we will be helped by the oldest way of training the Spirit and Mind, which exists in one form or another among all the peoples inhabiting the globe - meditation. Perhaps, this will seem to some to be mystical nonsense, but I do not insist on anything. Ultimately, doing or not doing meditation is everyone's business. RUB is a multifaceted system designed for any person, and everyone will somehow find his own in it. And if someone believes that meditation is not his way, well, this is his choice, and he can skip this chapter with a clear conscience, although he will lose a lot from it. If we take the purely practical side of the issue, personally, as a result of meditative training, I quit smoking many years ago and cured my stomach, which was pretty bad in the army with “nerves and canned goods”.

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Rotorm - Tactical Products

As a result of simple meditative training, you will learn:

1) Program your own consciousness, and, as a consequence of this,

2) program your body for anything, up to a complete cure for any disease.

3) Protect yourself from the negative energy effects of your opponents.

4) Replenish your own energy resources.

If everything is more or less clear with consciousness, then what does it mean to “program an organism”?

If a person walking along a rope looks down, then he is likely to fall. Because his consciousness, his instinct of self-preservation give a hysterical command - Run! Save yourself !! You will fall !!! - although in this situation calm and balance are required. And the man falls. It has long been noted that those who are afraid of oncology are likely to die from it. In short, if a person constantly thinks about what should (or should not) happen to his body, sooner or later it happens. Specialists in neuro-linguistic programming (the modern direction of practical psychology) have proved that the subconscious mind does not perceive the “not” particle, and if a person presents himself in negative images as sick (or not sick) or dead (not dead), then in the end the sad ending is a foregone conclusion. (Feel the difference - a warrior never imagines himself dead. He just doesn’t care whether he is alive or dead, and about this he never experiences negative emotions.)

This is self-programming. And if a person constantly thinks, adjusts, programs his Mind and Body for a positive result, then the result will be positive. I remember very well one case. When I was just about to buy my first barbell, I caught the eye of an advertisement for a rather stupid portable device for pumping muscles called "Power ..." of something there, I don’t remember any further. And I - then still a complete ignoramus in bodybuilding - I almost bought it. Thank you, an advanced classmate advised. But painfully textured bodybuilder advertised this thing! This photograph still stands before my eyes. She was in front of my eyes all the years of my training with iron.

But now I don’t need her anymore. I constantly see the figure of that man in my mirror. I have become exactly the same! What is this if not a hidden form of self-programming, about which, by the way, Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote a lot!

Program yourself for success! Ignore the failures!

Hunt for positive emotions!

“A noble husband is calm, unrestrained, but small people are always oppressed by sorrow,” the great Confucius rightly remarked.

If you want, meditation is an element of RUB magic. The magic of success, strength and health.

Have you noticed that after talking with some people you feel like squeezed lemon?

Most clearly, these sensations appear after intimacy. Sex is an active exchange of energies. And, if as a result of this exchange you feel bad - alas, it will be wise to part with your partner.

You ran into a so-called energy vampire, a person who feeds on the energy of other people.

They are everywhere. In public transport, at work, on the street. It’s possible that you yourself are one of them, you just haven’t noticed this before. In this case, most likely you experience certain difficulties in communicating with other people. They instinctively shun you and are very reluctant to make contact, subconsciously feeling that you are slowly “sucking” life force out of them.

What to do? How to protect yourself from "vampirism" or to get rid of it yourself?

The answer is simple. Meditation is the key to solving these and many other problems.

Now, actually, let us dwell on the technique of meditation according to the RUB system.

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Rotorm - Military Products

In nature, there are two ways to energize the body. This is the energy received as a result of digestion and assimilation of food, and the energy received by the body from the outside. And if the first method does not raise special questions, then many people know about the second only by hearsay.

MEDITATION is the way to know the energy of your body. The purpose of meditation, as I noted above, is the accumulation and distribution of energy in the body, the psychological and physical attitude to exercise or to solve problems that have arisen, to manage your emotional and mental state, to protect yourself from energy shocks from the outside. After about six months, with sufficient perseverance and regularity of classes, this is protection against diseases, cure diseases that already exist, if desired, quitting smoking and alcohol, in 10-15 minutes of meditation a complete recovery of strength after a hard working day and, finally, just a good mood almost always and in any situation.

Sit cross-legged "in Turkish" in the most favorable place in the room, that is, where intuitively you feel best. Relax completely with the forearms of outstretched arms on your knees. Close your eyes.

Try to disconnect from street noise, life problems and turmoil.

Raising your hands slowly, “fashion” a cocoon of energy protection around you with your palms. Strain your imagination! Gradually, your palms should feel the same way they feel when touching any smooth and hard surface, such as a table.

Having created a transparent cap in your imagination, destroy inside it and inside yourself the negative energy - your heavy thoughts and emotions, fatigue and irritation, which ultimately lead to diseases of the body and soul (remember the famous “all illnesses are from nerves”). Create a vacuum by mentally concentrating in yourself the negative energy in the form of a heavy black ball on your inspiration, and then exhale powerfully throw it out of you. The place of energy release - the “hole” in the cocoon - close up with circular motions of the palms. The number of exhalations should preferably be commensurate with your personal number.

Your number is the number that brings you luck. Perhaps you already know her intuitively, perhaps knowledge will come to you later.

Having created a vacuum, start slowly letting in cosmic energy in the form of a golden stream through the upper chakra [1] (you will learn and feel the color of your energy over time). Having passed along the anteromedian meridian, [2] the flow of energy should concentrate at the qi-hai point, [3] located on the sodium finger below the navel and is at the same time the equilibrium point of the body and the energy depot of your body.

If you decide that you are an “energy vampire” and are experiencing problems from this, just imagine more often how you recharge from Heaven (from space, if that’s more convenient for you). You can think about it wherever you can sit and relax, for example, in public transport (if you managed to take a seat) or at home, meditating after a hard day. But even during a hard working day, it’s not bad sometimes to recall the by-hui point [4] and the energy constantly coming through it from above into your body.

You can increase the intensity of energy flow at the qi-hai point. Accumulate a living splashing flame in your palms, dazzle a ball out of it and put it in the area of ​​the qi-hai point. Do this several times (the number of energy investments can be correlated with your number). At the end of the process, you should feel warmth or even a slight burning sensation in qi-hai.

After that, mentally evenly distribute the energy throughout the body, exposing the problematic organs and parts of the body to more intense “irradiation”. If something hurts you, eliminate the pain by presenting it in the form of a severe one or going to the ground through the lower chakra or fingertips. At the qi-hi point, it is necessary to leave a supply of energy in the form of a pulsating luminous ball

At the end of meditation, pump energy into the cocoon until it is full. Imagine yourself completely dissolved in it, merge with the energy of Heaven, become a part of the Universe. This method of meditation I call the "Golden Buddha." Strange, but this phrase came to me in the process of meditation, as it were from the outside, although I am not a Buddhist and, frankly, did not think about anything like that at that time. But such thoughts, which for no reason appeared during meditation, must be listened to.

Meditation is carried out two to three times a week from ten minutes to half an hour. First, at a time convenient for you, and later, when you need it. After finishing the meditation, you must mentally thank the Teacher who gave you strength, energy, life, this day or this night. Who is this Teacher is up to you to decide - be it Christ, Buddha, Sangia-Mama or a water from a local swamp. The image of the Teacher will tell you the heart and imagination over time.

In order to quickly recover from exercise or a hard working day, as well as relieve headache, stress, general weakness, I use elements of the ancient Chinese chengju therapy, practicing acupuncture, cauterization and massage of biologically active points (BAP). I’ll tell you about two points, the massage of which gives a quick and tangible effect. They are easy to remember, find and process at any time, just sitting down to rest for a few minutes.

The he-gu point is at the top of the muscle that extends the thumb.

Men should massage the point on their left hand, women - on their right. In addition to getting rid of the above troubles, massage of this point serves as an effective treatment for insomnia. By the way, from insomnia there is another ancient Chinese method. Close your eyes and imagine that you are walking in that dark tunnel, at the end of which a faint speck of light is visible. The path is long, the end is not visible to him ... In about ten minutes you will fall asleep.

Another point - zu-san-li - is located just below the patella. Put your open palm on your knee, the middle finger lies on the shin bone, and the nameless pillow will just fall into the hole under the protruding bone, in which there is zu-san-li.

Acupressure massage in the event of a lack of energy (headache from overwork, loss of strength, general weakness) lasts three to five minutes and consists in light, slow kneading of the point clockwise from the periphery to the center, as if in a spiral. In a stressful state, attacks of neurasthenia or a headache due to emotional shock, massage of these points lasts no more than a minute, the effect is strong and quick, directed counterclockwise from the center to the periphery.

Now I’ll talk a little about the ways to reflect the energy blows of your potential opponents and energy “vampires” and the use of your own energy in the training process. One of the protection methods described above. In your imagination, the energy window should reflect all external influences. Another way, as I noticed, is intuitively or intentionally used by many businessmen in business meetings. Sitting, cross-legged, you block the lower chakra, while mentally closing the upper chakra. The effect is enhanced when a man grabs his right wrist with his left hand, and a woman - on the contrary. The energy cycle is closed within the boundaries of your body, external influences are excluded. In transport, it is good to “wrap” yourself with a wide steel strip, starting from the bottom. You can also “cover yourself with a glass”, find yourself inside a large egg shell, create a brick wall with a mirror on the outside. With this method of protection, negative energies, including spoilage, the evil eye, and even the curse will fall on the one who is trying to send them to you. It is permissible, moreover, it is even desirable to include the energy supply of the body in the training process. Arnold Schwarzenegger during the training presented his biceps in the form of mountain peaks rising up (D Vader. “Bodybuilding Fundamental Course”). This is one of the elements of meditation. You mentally pump energy into muscles, give the body a command to build maximum muscle mass

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